Directed by Yasunari Tomimoto. Main activities includes participating choral festivals, competitions and mini concerts.
Following people are welcome to join.

  • Those who would like to make choral conducting as a job, or who wants to gain knowlege and experience as student conductor.
  • Those who enjoy sing the works of young composers, or communicate with young composers.

Various talented people are welcome, such as who can design flyers and posters.

aedificatores Tokyo Staff

Director (conducting)

Yasunari Tomimoto:
Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, Faculty of Music, department of vocal music.
After the graduation, he learns methods to study vocal from scientific view point from Yoshiaki Kokubo of Vocology in Practice, Masayo Yamashita of Voitre-Master®️ Method.
Studied perfoming period instruments from Tetsuro Hanai, harmony theory of a cappella music from Masahiro Inukai.
Works on especially a cappella performance, organizes three vocal ensemble groups, "Vocal Ensemble KABUKI", "Male Ensemble Yatagarasu", "Female Ensemble Yaezakura".

Manager (General)

Yoko Akata


Takayoshi Yamaji

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