Q. What does "aedificatores" mean?
A. In Latin, it means "builders" or "those who build up". Wishing that we would create and build new repertoires of choral music with composers.

Q. Is there age limit to join?
A. There is no age limit.

Q. May I join, although I have no previous experience to sing in a choir?
A. We do not have any restrictions nor have auditions, those who can regularly participate in rehearsals and can prepare to sing in advance.

Q. Can high school students join?
A. We do not deny it, but night rehearsals might have negative impact on the school studies. If so, we hope to join after finishing high school.

Q. If multiple of conductors have lessons, would the music consistency be lost?
A. Some may feel so, but considering that there is no single answer to music, having multiple viewpoints should contribute musicality. Final decision is on directors (conducting) hands.

Q. How much does it cost monthly and for concerts?
A. It depends on the number of members, slightly cheaper than the average choir fees (student concession available) plus concert installment fees per month. As for scores and voice training are separate, however, full cooperation with the publisher, reasonable prices for some scores. Voice training fee may vary depending on the number of participants, but much economical than personal voice training.
We assume that we cover the cost of commission and other expenses by ticket sales of concerts, if a member can sell the allocated tickets, there would be no extra charges for participation. For more details, please refer to "To Join ..." page for the choir of your district.

Q. What are the stage costumes?
A. Based on black shirts and trousers and skirts, men wear stand collar shirts. Often we wear accessories with purple accented color of ours.

Q. When I go and visit the rehearsal, should I join?
A. No need to. Making just a visit is also welcome.

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