aedificatores (aedi, for short) is established with the concept to perform mainly the pieces of young composers.
(As for the meaning of aedificatores, please refer to "Q&A page".

There are lots of good choral works by excellent composers in Japan, and choirs in Japan tend to perform such pieces, therefore the chances of the pieces of contemporary composers to be performed are rare. Thence, if a choir focuses on the pieces of young composers, singing recent and new pieces, new works are known to the world, as well as enriching the repertoires of Japanese choral music.

Plans are carried out in Tokyo, Nagoya and Fukuoka, with the help of directors (conducting) and managers who agree to this idea and concept. We will pursue the national level of high standard of music.

Events and competitions varies depending on the local circumstances, however, the concept above is common.

Features of aedificatores

Collaboration with young composers

Main concept of these choirs. By the full cooperation of Miela Harmonija, which has many contacts with young composers in Japan, already many composers expressed eagerness to collaborate with us.

When dealing with works of composers, we ask them to be at the rehearsals as much as possible, to reflect the nuances and request for those works. When dealing with commissioned pieces, by direct communication between composers and performers might have positive impact on the outcome of the new pieces. Such a possibility to collaborate with the composers are the key feature of this choir, and we consider it is a vital part to "enjoy" music.

Other than rehearsals, we have closed, dedicated forum for the members, so that communication directly with composers online is possible.

There were and are several choirs that deal with the sole works of specific composers, or composer him/herself conducts. On the other hand, Aedi deals with various (multiple of) composers, thus making it possible to feel the trend in composing field, as well as enriching the choral experience.

Commission to young composers and premiere

Not only performing the recent works of young composers, aedi tries to commission to young composers and premiere new pieces, so that the above collaboration can be achieved in deeper way. As those who already experienced know, it is an exciting experience to see how the new pieces are made up. We wish more and more people would experience this. By commissioning by three local choirs, costs will be reduced for everyone.

When participating the premiere, those who participated are entitle to obtain the score the personal names of participants of the premiered piece.

Collaboration with excellent conductors

Regular rehearsals are directed by musically trained directors (conducting) with exclusive and systematic method, regular voice trainings are also planned. Since having good connections with excellent conductors throughout Japan, by inviting them as a guest conductors, members can experience how the good choirs have rehearsals by them. By having multiple views, this would be the opportunity to deepen the musicality.

Growing future conductors

Each choir will have members who are eager to be choral conductors, or student conductors who wish to gain knowledge and experience outside their own choirs, and they shall take part in pre-rehearsals or section rehearsals. This would be opportunities to experience the real instruction to singers, as well as they can receive various feedbacks from directors regarding their conducting, thus being able to learn choral conducting in systematic way. Sometimes harsh comments by other members might help them to grow as well.

Environment easy to participate more than one choir

For those who are already a member of other choirs can easily join aedi, since we do not pursue more than we can. Namely, following strategy may help to achieve this goal:

No single concert regionally, holding mini concerts with other choirs: Having single concerts may increase the burdens and costs of members of the choir, so we dare not pursue to have single concert by our own, but having mini concert with other choirs with similar ideals regularly, thus reducing the burdens and costs.

Weekday night rehearsals: Many choirs hold their rehearsals on weekends. Though we may have concerts or events on some weekend, we try to avoid weekends as much as possible so that our activities do not coincide with others. For those who work, we ask to adjust their schedule so that they can regularly participate in the rehearsals from the beginning.

Cherishing rehearsals and flexible participation: We pursue national level of high standards of music, however, we also aim to do activities within our abilities, so we hope those who wish to join would cherish the rehearsal opportunities. For those who are busy and hard to participate regularly on weekly rehearsals can suspend for a while until their works are settled. Since the span between concerts and concerts are relatively short, those who becomes busy with their graduation essays or experiments or recruiting activities can rest and resume from the next term.

Specialization of tasks

In some choirs, conductors take all the responsibilities of management tasks of the choir, recruiting members, choosing the pieces to work with, setting the performance opportunities and attendance management etc. In aedi, avoiding that one person take all the responsibilities, but dividing the tasks to the following personnel to take their separate responsibilities:

  • Manager: General secretarial works regarding rehearsals.
  • Director: Musical oversight in general, namely, conductors.
  • Producer: Determining the entire plans or selections of works, planning performance opportunities.

As for frequently asked questions and answers, please refer to "Q and A regarding aedificatores".

Details of choirs in each district

Activities lightly differ depending on the region. For details, please refer to respective pages:

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